New performance: Razende Stilstand (Raging Standstill)

This concert is not a typical recital, it travels between music, visuals and dance. The theme of this concert is Japan, but the two pieces in this concert, written by the two marvelous Dutch composers Jan van de Putte and Klaas de Vries, are exhibiting a completely different aspect. On one side you find the contemplative Haiku’s by Basho, describing all that is happening in nature during the four seasons. On the other side you find the life in big cities such as Tokyo, where everything goes in such a speed that you can barely keep up. Both pieces contain long silences, but you will experience these silences in a complete opposite way, sometimes calm and peaceful, sometimes raging and uncomfortable…


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Loud Shadows | Liquid Events

Loud Shadows is a collage made of artists coming from different backgrounds: dance, music, architecture.
The architecture of Plastique Fantastique is monumental, yet mobile, soft and transparent. This ephemeral skin influences the environment as much as its inner space offers a lucid view outwards. It is the ideal place (or “a surreal space?”) to melt dance (LeineRoebana) and music (Kate Moore, The Stolz), and challenge the perception of time.
Loud Shadow Liquid Events