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The Stolz Quartet - concertprogramma's

All Thirteen Good

Highlights from the very best of classical music. To hum, clap and whistle.

Music that everyone knows, or at least recognizes. And because it’s so inviting, we ask the audience (under the expert guidance of The Stolz) to participate to their heart’s content. In short, an exciting and interactive concert with unforgettable music. From Mozart, a romantic story about the creation of his oboe quartet, and a taste of clapping two against three. And Bach, who wrote this most beautiful slow movement especially for the oboe d’amore, to commemorate his son’s death. And from Haydn, there’s courtly music from a very courtly man. From Ravel, we have thoroughbred dance music, beautifully arranged for The Stolz Quartet by Rob Zuidam. There’s even Borodin (less well-known than the rest, but no less compelling), with a look into the great Russian soul.

Alle Dertien Moeilijk


The Greatest Hits from the world of modern composed music.

For beginners, with explanations about what you’ll hear, and why it’s so incredibly beautiful. Michiel Romeyn, remarkable, eloquent, funny, and well-known from Dutch television, explains why he finds this music spine-tingling.

The most beautiful fragments and moments from some of the Netherlands’ most complex composers, such as Klaas de Vries, Theo Verbey, Rob Zuidam and Venessa Lann. All four have written music especially for The Stolz Quartet.

Also included are musical fireworks from such world-famous creators of difficult music as Isang Yun, Elliot Carter, Stockhausen, Ligeti, Oliver Knussen and Sean Shepherd, including first-hand anecdotes about these makers and their often miraculous behaviour.

The Stolz goes British

Oliver Knussen and other British rarities


What do you get when you live on an island? Unique music! And really, the most beautiful music for oboe and strings was born of the British spirit. That’s why The Stolz performs a masterpiece by their good friend Oliver Knussen, probably today’s most well-known British composer. A moving filmed narrative about how we worked with him on this quartet is included. Other unique spirits make this programme complete: wunderkind Sean Shepherd and the brilliant American, Ruth Crawford Seeger, ‘golden oldie’ Benjamin Britten, and Gordon Jacob, the favourite composer of most British contemporary music lovers.

Dutch Masters and Their Inspiration

Dutch Masters and Their Inspiration, a terrific programme in which we perform new works by famous Dutch composers, so new the ink is barely dry, and all the pieces have been written and arranged especially for us.

“… a delightfully relaxing, exciting evening!”

“Suddenly, fireworks could be heard … , brilliant and virtuosic.”