New production: Seele / Herz

Our newest production will be a fantastic collaboration with dance group LeineRoebana and composer and rising star, Kate Moore. Kate will make sound sculptures, movable ceramics, especially for Herz, small clay figures that will not only move on their own but produce sounds as well.

Herz is an adventurous piece, a confrontation between the dancers of LeineRoebana, the musicians of The Stolz and Kate Moore’s music and robotics. We will create a world which does not yet exist, on the border between the natural and the artificial. A world in which composer Kate Moore makes small clay figures move and make them sound.

These robotic ceramics will be situated in a new sound landscape. The synergy between dancers, musicians and robotics will take you along to a new dimension. What do I hear, what do I see, is it real or not, in which reality do I find myself?