DVD A Love Unsung

TheStolzDVD-hoesjeA composer, desperately in search of inspiration, meets his muse and the love of his life. Suddenly the music seems to write itself and it is as if a period of passionate new work and carefree happiness dawns. We join the composer in looking back to that time when it seemed as if nothing could go wrong. But gradually even this happiness begins to show insurmountable cracks.

A Love Unsung is a new opera by Robert Zuidam without vocals: “There will be spoken text, whispering, shouting, music making, but no singing. The heartbeat of the muse will form a special element in the piece, at times being amplified and sounding together with the music that is being played. It’s a strange sort of multi-layered percussion piece that leaves the listener without a moment’s rest.”

This multimedia music theatre piece shifts continuously between the present moment and past memories in which passionate love offers various perspectives on beautiful music and the composer is tormented by remorse, haunted by phantoms from his past.

The four musicians of The Stolz will perform A Love Unsung live. The impressive contribution from Flemish actor Johan Leysen was pre-recorded and projected on a screen.

This obsessive quest will continue to resonate long after the liberating finale.

You can order the DVD by sending is a mail. Here’s a sneak preview: